My Artist Statement
For me, cosplay photography is about the cosplayer and I aim to bring out as much of them and their passion for their chosen character. My main aim for any shoot duration makes sure that everyone has fun. I view cosplay shoots less like myself as the artist but as a collaboration between myself and the subject.  
I believe that the most important and first thing that I do is to observe and listen. Using the cosplayer as a starting point and giving them as much guidance as they need without losing them or the character. I believe in keeping things simple and mastering the basics of light and using psychology to create images that stand out. 
I feel that I am lucky to be able to switch between storyteller, tutor and a more traditional photographer to get the most out of people, giving them what they need at the moment to unlock their potential. 
During a con I am always fully aware that there are a lot of things pulling at people's time, wanting to work quickly and efficiently. Changing to a great lighting system was a game changer for me allowing me to very quickly shape the light how I want. Getting a solid photo is more akin to a journalistic feeling that can be enhanced with background replacement. 
Outside con, I research and plan the shoot to show off the costume and cosplayer but generally use it as a backup. Believing that the best shoots come from interaction rather than fully posed images.  
Generally, my style is a mirror of my passions, from the history of photography and computer technology. This ends up with a combination of, what I consider, the best parts of technology and art history (from before photography to the infancy of digital photography). This gives my images a vibrance and punchiness that still maintain a classic simplicity. ​​​​​​​